The icing on the cake! (No, seriously!)

The birds are singing tonight.  I can hear angels rejoicing and God himself just slapped my ass and called me Sally.  Elena.  Took.  Her.  Chemo.  Without.  Shedding.  A.  Single.  Tear.  And. Without.  Putting.  Up.  A. Fight!!!!  (Do you know how hard it is to type a full sentence having to capitalize each word and add a period?!?!)   I’ll say it again (the easy way) Elena took her medicine without having to be subjected to the physical and emotional abuse she’s had to endure (from her own parents no less) for the last three days.  I could cry right now I am so happy!  In fact, I DID cry.

How did we manage this miracle (and yes, it is most DEFINITELY a miracle), you ask?  Chocolate. Icing. (Dammit, I did it again)

It was Kim’s idea and while I love Kim for a plethora of reasons, this moment of genius really just takes the (icing?) I mixed Elena’s Irinotecan with Hersey’s chocolate syrup and probably about a teaspoon of chocolate icing.  At first, she was hesitant to trust me with this new food product that I’m giving her.  Even more so once she actually tasted a nibble and realized it was sugary goodness.  She pushed it away after that.  I then proceeded to make Annalise the exact same treat, minus the chemo (duh), and gave it to her on the stipulation that she SHOW Elena that she was eating it and LOVE every minute of it.  Annalise is so excited for icing she forgets Step A and has to be reminded (should have seen that coming).  Once Elena saw “sissy” eating it, she jumped on my lap and proceeded to practically lick the cup clean!  Tears of joy streaming down my face, I turn to Kim and plant a GIANT kiss full on her lips!  I really just couldn’t help myself.  Talk about going from a massive low to a major high!  I felt on top of the world today…like I could take on anything and conquer it…like cancer can kiss my ass just because I said so….and, most importantly I’m pretty damn sure I found Jesus Christ himself today in that teaspoon of chocolate frosting!


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