Our magical month

What a month it has been…I’m sitting at my computer staring at the keyboard, unsure of where to begin.  lol.  Still unsure.

Ok, FIRST, Elena turned two this month.  It was such an amazing day for all of us.  We started with a few gifts in the morning, watching her joy and listening to her laughter as she played with her sister.  A complete stranger paid to have Elsa and Anna from Frozen come to the house and play and sing with the girls.  Their excitement and awe was fantastic and amazing to watch!  Later that evening, my parents and Mario’s Aunt and Uncle came by for cake.  Elena was adorable (duh), so excited to blow out her candles, she shouted “AGAIN!!” after they were out.  And what else could we do but light them again and give our precious daughter a second wish this year?  We sang again too….we couldn’t help it.  It’s emotional celebrating her birthday this year, obviously.  There will be no big party for her like we usually do, with friends and family galore.  We can’t risk that many germs in the house and getting her sick. But we relished the small gathering and her laughter and smiles more than ever!

On the 19th, we officially hit the halfway mark through treatment!  In some ways, it serves as a huge milestone.  Elena has shown such strength and fight in these last five months, it is truly inspiring.  In other ways, I feel as if a lifetime has already passed, and repeating the same time frame again seems impossible.  Especially as the New Year approaches and what always feels like a longer-than-possible winter is upon us.  Keeping our entire house healthy is always on my mind.  No one wants their kids sick, but for us, a simple cold could turn life threatening very quickly.  I pray every night that Elena continues to treat cancer like it’s a bag of skittles and that her immune system holds up better than expected.

Christmas for my children this year was…there are no words I could possibly use to describe it… Our family was shown incredible generosity by so many people it’s amazing, heartwarming, heart wrenching, and humbling at the same time.  From local businesses, to best friends, community service members, and several cancer foundations….They got everything they wanted and then some.  I cry just thinking about, knowing that my husband and I were not going to be able to do much for Christmas, and watching so many do so much for us.  We will always be grateful, and never forget this year.  I’m also incredibly blessed to be one of the lucky families, able to spend the holiday in our home, and not stuck in the hospital.  For me, this was the best Christmas present I could have EVER received.  On the way home from one event, Annalise sees me crying and asks why.  I explained that people were doing these amazing things for us because Elena is sick.  She told me that when Elena is better, she wants to do the same for others….my heart swelled with pride for her and my eyes, already full with tears, welled up again.  One day, when all of this is behind us, and our finances have recovered, I want to give back in the biggest way I possibly can.  I don’t know how, or when that will be….but it will be.

I’ll finish up with this, as I wipe tears from my eyes.  If you have given to my family, thank you.  If you have prayed for Elena, God Bless.  If you have sent me an encouraging message, donated money to help us through this life changing disease….thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love you, truly.  You are all incredible angels, and I will never be able to thank you enough.

May the New Year be kind to you and yours…


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