To see and be seen

I see you;
Like a foggy reflection in the mirror
Just after the shower.
I see you struggling-
Pretending to live
Only to be surviving on autopilot.
I see you pushing away:
Not only those who love you,
But yourself as well.
I see you waiting.
For what?
I don’t think even you know.
I see your confusion-
Waiting for understanding,
That will never come.
I see you trying-
But are you really?
You claim to be…
I see how broken you are,
But cannot fix you.
Some things, once broken, never mend.
I see your denial-
In both responsibility and understanding,
Because it’s NEVER you, is it?
I see your expectations.
Impossibilities set so high
Only so you can blame them when they don’t meet it.
I see your fear-
Can you?
Do you know what it is that keeps you up at night?

What I do not see anymore
Is your compassion
What had once been your best trait.
I can’t see you love-
Because you cannot
When you don’t love yourself.
Hidden from sight is acceptance:
Of what you cannot control
And of those around you.
I do not witness your tears-
As you bottle those in
Fearing that the dam will break if you don’t.

Clean off the mirror, darling.
Perhaps then, you can see
What you think others cannot.
Clean off the mirror, babe.
Then, and only then,
Can you find what you are looking for.


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